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Men go to the village friends to play mahjong, see each other’s wife to sleep, want to rape

Recently, the people’s Court of Jilin, Dehui Province, made a verdict on the rape of Liu Qiang.
Liu Qiang, 43, a farmer, lives in Dehui. Around half past two p. m. on February 27, 2017, Liu Qiang went to Zhao Liang’s house and asked him to find some people to play mahjong. When he came to his house, he saw Zhao Liang’s daughter-in-law, Zhang Ping, sleeping on the East house.
“She saw me to sit up under the ground, I saw her alone in the house, and she had the idea of ‘work’, I grabbed her hair up, start solving belt and she pulled my pants don’t let me, then I didn’t catch her hair, she had to run outside. After I pulled her coat.” Liu Qiang says.
Zhang Ping Liu Qiang ran out of the house with free mobile phone to call the family, Liu Qiang know do wrong began to fear, just lying in her house on the East froze.
But Zhang Ping believes that Liu Qiang said some evade the crucial point was his hands, she grabbed me by the hair I threw myself on the ground, with the right hand pulling my hair, hand over my clothes touched me, he and I Siba, we roll more than 10 minutes on the ground, then I ran away the.”
The time of the incident, Zhang Ping’s husband Zhao Liang in the village of a shop, villagers told him, “you see what kind of daughter-in-law, Liu Qiang is still lying in your home.” When Zhao Liang came home and saw Liu Qiang lying on the ground, he called the police

Chinese players, please note that foreigners play mahjong strength can not be underestimated

In August 25, the French “European Times” recently published an article that mahjong can become the 2022 Beijing Winter Olympics Games, for the time being no accurate news. However, there is no doubt that the Chinese culture represented by mahjong is moving towards the world. Europe, the United States, Japan, etc., all over the world there are mahjong fans.
Data figure: Chongqing, Foreigner’s Street, a water park summer summer activities, including water playing mahjong attract many tourists to participate. Chen photo
Article excerpts are as follows:
The day before the mahjong or to become the 2022 Beijing Winter Olympic Games “the news spread on the internet. In fact, the international intellectual movement alliance is to apply for the International Olympic Committee, to mind sports (bridge, chess, chess, checkers, chess, mahjong) to enter the Winter Olympics, but mahjong is the international intellectual movement project, the International Olympic Committee is not officially recognized, there is still a distance into the Olympic distance. Some netizens joked that, in any case, if the Winter Olympic Games mahjong project, the Chinese team promised to take personal and team matches of gold, silver, bronze.
However, at the fifth European mahjong tournament in 2014, the Chinese team not only did not win the gold medal, but did not even get the first three. Its results can be described as “miserable”: the best place for individuals thirtieth, thirty-seventh groups. The result of China’s mahjong lovers dissatisfaction, netizens Tucao: “the Chinese people play mahjong, but foreigners?” No, I do!”
But Chinese Mahjong has lost, but Chinese culture has won!
There are Chinese characters on the mahjong tiles, and the basic rules of mahjong are also made by the chinese. The rules of mahjong are the intellectual embodiment of Chinese culture. Foreigners held and participated in the mahjong competition, indicating that the Chinese culture represented by mahjong is heading for the world.
In fact, China has many attractive cultures for foreigners, such as martial arts. In the spread of these cultures, the result of the competition is to lose and win. As long as Chinese culture goes out, it is a winning result in itself.

Mahjong losing to Wenchang women’s family with false police report said the robbery

Warning: the woman claiming to be robbed in the downtown area by masked men
Yesterday, reporters from the Wenchang Municipal Public Security Bureau was informed that the 24 day at 19:44, the town police station north of the city of Wenchang City Public Security Bureau received 110 command center, in the town of Pearl Street PARKnSHOP supermarket next to exchange people belongings robbed, beaten, asked the police deal with.
After receiving the police situation, the north station attaches great importance to the police, immediately sent on duty police rushed to the scene to carry out investigation and evidence collection work. After preliminary investigation, the informant told the police that the Yemou, in the town of Pearl Street PARKnSHOP supermarket next meeting, by 3 masked men robbed him of property, and she carried out the assault.
After the police visited the scene and further investigation, found that the incident was downtown, large traffic flow, many shops. After the scene of the incident surrounding shops operators and the masses to understand the situation, the police found that during the incident, no one saw or heard someone robbed.
The police in the police station to report for the record of inquiry Yemou Yemou, anacoluthon, and its body Its loopholes appeared one after another., did not find any traces of beating the injury. Through the comprehensive judgment, the police suspect Yemou false police report.

Dry: Mahjong skills to win on two points, as long as mastered, playing mahjong does not win only strange!

Family reunion, friends will become a kind of mahjong, which are not the necessary entertainment, everyone in combat saved so many friends all the cards are able to share the experience, but also brought us a lot of convenience and benefits, you have to carefully read and study these skills? Xiaobian compiled some experience about these experiences, I hope you seriously follow my footsteps Oh! Don’t say much. Come and see it together!
Dry: Mahjong skills to win on two points, as long as mastered, playing mahjong does not win only strange!
Winning skills: a flexible response to treat mahjong every home to play skills, maintaining the status quo, waiting in the wings, don’t play fast card, as far as possible the stability of steady, this can not only ensure their own brand potential there is enough time, can give opponents sufficient time to eat, ordinary novice it will begin to eat touch in the first round of tour card, this practice is very dangerous, experienced people know that the first round of tour card basically will make cards, seize an opportunity to touch.
Dry: Mahjong skills to win on two points, as long as mastered, playing mahjong does not win only strange!
Winning skills two: if you want to quickly deal with each opponent’s surprise attack, you should hone yourself in practice, not just technical discipline. There are psychological attitude, especially the latter is particularly important in most game player, the ultimate reason for failure will be attributed to the unstable state of mind, especially when their own brand potential and bad luck, this situation will be more exercise you card friends’s ability to respond to light depends on the skill is not enough, who can well, peace deals with these very small problems, who will be the winner of the mahjong table!

Guy even play mahjong 7 days: legs can not move, almost amputation

Guy even play mahjong 7 days, arterial thrombosis can not walk, almost amputation
7 consecutive days of mahjong, the boy left suddenly unable to move yesterday afternoon, at the Huai’an First People’s Hospital ward, surgery has been successfully done in Gongyi think of his own experience, is still very scared. According to its introduction, he usually loves to play mahjong, in the afternoon of August 14th, he played mahjong in front of the table for more than 4 hours. Did not leave a seat, wait until after want to stand up, only to find some legs do not listen to order, and this period of time, he has played mahjong 7 consecutive days, every day playing three or four hours or so. At first thought it was too long, and Gongyi reluctantly got up and went home.

When he got home, he felt sick and his left leg became more and more painful. He began to walk slowly. After about more than 10 minutes, he found that his left leg could not walk, so he called his mother to take him to the Huai’an First People’s Hospital. Yangzi Evening News reporter noted that after surgery, Gongyi’s mental state is good, and his left leg can also move, he had worried that thumbs can move freely. He told reporters that he would never dare to sit there for so long. According to its introduction, he often sit for half a day while working, and recently hooked on mahjong, last week after the class to the chess room, sit for a few hours, for 7 consecutive days, every day

When playing mahjong, do this “three know”, you can win more, lose less!

In life, playing mahjong is the most popular recreational activity in China. If you don’t play mahjong, you will have fewer topics with many friends, business partners and supervisors. But back to play mahjong, especially bad luck, a game of mahjong down, lose this month’s wages, money is possible. Well, you can’t just rely on luck to play Mah Jong. What else do you have to pay attention to?

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